A Return To Conservative Leadership

I don’t believe Washington DC is broken, I believe its operating exactly as the 545 people in Washington DC who make the rules want it to operate. This dysfunction and failure of leadership in Congress makes the work of state government all the more important.  It falls to us to lead the way in implementing sound conservative policies that address our biggest problems, because if we wait on Washington, we’ll be waiting forever. 

That means that Richmond needs to lead the way in passing sound financial policy, improve education our schools, and make it easier for businesses to create jobs.  Virginia needs to forge the way for the rest of the country, but to do that, we need new leadership in the State House, because the current Democrat leaders are making the problems worse, not better.  As your delegate, I’m committed to bring commonsense leadership and a focus on conservative values back to the 72nd district. 

Financial Literacy & Economic Education

I believe the foundation to building a conservative philosophy and thereby voter base lies in financial literacy and economic education of our children. For the last 30 plus years I have been screaming from the mountaintop that financial literacy and economic education are key factors in raising savvy , successful and conservative young minds. These kids then grow up to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and creative thinkers in our society. We cannot continue to move forward as a global power without the best and brightest minds. Understanding money and the economic system is the best and quickest way to achieve that.

Faith Based Drug & Alcohol Recovery Programs

As a 34 plus year sober recovering alcoholic and drug addict I can attest to the power of recovery. Having been through it I’m in a unique position to be able to minister to those who are still struggling. And to be a living example of how amazing life can be after your recovery. Part of my almost 10 years in the ministry enabled me to work with many people who were struggling with this issue. Good well thought out biblically based recovery and rehabilitation programs will not only solve the challenge of addiction in so many of our communities but it will also help build those individuals and communities become productive positive members of society.